How to monitor your blood sugar after a baby’s birth

It's a simple but essential step to monitor blood sugar in pregnancy: monitor your baby's blood sugar levels.But if you have a blood sugar monitor and aren't able to keep it handy, here's how to monitor them.1.Monitor the blood sugar at homeFirst, make sure you have the right device.You can either wear a monitor to your home or carry one at the office.The most common way to wear one is to use an...

Nanit baby monitoring and crocodile monitor: gaming monitors now available in 240hz, news

The new gaming monitor nanit will be available in 120hz gaming monitors.The monitor features a 240hz refresh rate and has a 5ms response time, which is a perfect combination for gamers who like a fast, responsive gaming experience.The new monitor is priced at US$399.99.A full-sized version of the monitor, with an integrated webcam, will be released later this year, the company said.