A new study finds ‘strong evidence’ that bitcoin’s bubble burst

A new analysis of bitcoin price data from Bespoke Investment Group finds that the cryptocurrency's "bubble" burst in 2017.Bespoke's research team examined Bitcoin Price Index data for the past three months and found that between June 2016 and June 2017, the value of Bitcoin dropped from $1,739 to $6,567.By the end of the third quarter, it was back to $1.7 million.Bike, a US-based bitcoin...

Which is better for your eyes? TechCrunch

It is difficult to argue with the benefits of a simple, inexpensive, and fast monitor.It's a big screen that you can use in the background while you're reading.And it's really, really good.But a $100 monitor is more than just an extra screen on your desktop.And if you have an aging or visually challenged family member, a $400 or more monitor may be just what they need.