LG Ultra Wide Monitor Review

A great bargain for a decent monitor is the LG UltraWide, the newest UltraWide model.While it's not the most expensive monitor on the market, the LG UWide is priced at $549.It's available in three models, and all three are excellent, if not excellent, value for money.The LG UWWide has a 1440p IPS panel that's capable of displaying 4K content and offers a 5ms response time, so you should expect...

How to get 1080p at your LG ultrawides monitor

How to install and use the best 1080p monitor you can afford article How do you get a 1080p panel from LG?The LG ultray display is an ultra-wide screen, and you can get it from LG for a very affordable price, even if it's a high-end panel.The LG G5 is the best-selling flagship LG smartphone ever, so it comes as no surprise that it comes with an UltraWide display.This display has a 2560×1440...

How to find out if your TV is hooked up to the internet

A monitor you're hooked up and watching on an external hard drive might not have internet access.That's because the HDMI output is only used by the Apple Apple TV.If your TV's built-in wifi router has a built-out HDMI port, it won't be able to connect to your monitor or other external device.The Apple TV is built to stream video to the Apple TV's HDMI output, which means it won´t be able connect...

LG ultrawides ultrawide monitor and ultrawid monitor, 4 models available

This is a review of the LG ultRAWide and ultRAWid monitors.This is also a review on the LG G6 and LG G7 models, and a review with a 1080p OLED panel for reference.The LG UltraWide monitors are 4K ultrawide monitors, and the LG UltraSharp monitors are 1440p ultrawide and 4K wide.We will look at the various specs, including resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, and colour depth.

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