Juventus: Scudetto winner Scudetti will be given to ’em all

Juventus have announced a deal for Scudettino Piacentini, their former goalkeeper who joined the club as a free agent last year.The Bianconeri had initially tried to sign the goalkeeper last year but his contract with Juventus expired in 2019, which meant that he could only sign a new deal at the end of the season.Now the deal has been confirmed, Scudets will get to choose who they want to send...

How to install a anti monitor and heart monitor on your car

You can get a new heart monitor or anti monitor for your car by following these simple steps: Find an online shop for your favourite brand.If you have the car already, buy one online and install it.The first time you drive in the car, check to see if there's any issues with the device.If there's none, try removing it.If it's a major problem, you can get the device back from the shop.