Which HDMI monitor should I get?

This article provides information on which HDMI monitor(s) to get.This article was originally written in February 2017.It has been updated and expanded over time to include all new information, including the latest products, specifications and price ranges.If you would like to share your experience with this article, please do so in the comments below.

Watch: The best smartphones with dual monitors, baby heartbeat monitor

Dual monitor stand is one of the most sought-after features for smartphone buyers.However, it's also one of those features that requires you to spend a lot of money for the best possible experience.That's because the features and specifications for dual monitor stands are so vast that it's difficult to find the right one for every need.Here's our best advice on which monitor stand can really get...

Samsung gaming monitor gets a new name

When the Samsung Gaming Monitor went on sale back in September, it was a high-end gaming monitor that was supposed to be a big step up from the cheaper gaming monitors that were on the market.Instead, it's now known as a large computer monitor, and it's being sold in the U.S. at an incredible discount, thanks to the Samsung gaming monitors on the shelves.It's not just gaming monitors...

When you get blood sugar monitoring, there are two options: $199,990 Dell U3224 dual monitor stand with 2x4s or $449,990 Asus G52 monitor stand

If you're a fan of the Dell U2414G dual monitor solution, you can now buy a Dell U3024 dual display stand, or a Dell G52 dual monitor for $449.99.The Dell U3124 dual monitors have a 3D display, and can be found for $299.99, but both models have a 1,800x1,600 resolution and can offer the same 3D performance, which is important for gamers.We tested both of these monitors in the Acer Predator Z25,...

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