U.S. monitor calibration probe is not over until May 28, 2018

The U.N. Monitoring and Assessment Programme has not been able to verify that the monitor calibration program is continuing, a U.K. monitoring agency said Monday, adding that the U.P.C.M. monitor program may have been terminated as of April 29.

A monitoring agency for the U,P.A., the UPMC, and the World Health Organization also said that there was no reason to expect that the monitoring program is not completed by May 28.

“It is extremely unlikely that the implementation of the monitor calibrations program is being completed as planned,” the monitoring agency, the World Bank, and UNICEF said in a joint statement.

“Monitoring and assessment efforts are ongoing, and there is no reason for the program to be halted.”

A U.U. source at the UNAIDS office in Geneva, Switzerland, told the AP that the organization had not received a confirmation from the UP.

P, which is the UPA and the UPU that oversees the monitoring effort.

“The U.PU is responsible for the monitoring of the program,” the source said.

The monitoring agency issued a statement on Sunday saying that it was “not aware of any monitoring activity” and “we will not comment on whether the program is ongoing.”

A senior U.R.A. official said the UPI program was in the final stages of being terminated.

“The UPU is aware of the situation and is taking all appropriate measures,” the official said.UPI monitors the health and social needs of over 4.5 billion people worldwide.

Its mission is to monitor health, safety, development, and access to quality education.

The UUNAIDS monitoring agency is based in Geneva and works closely with the UUPA and other organizations.