New US-made smartwatch will offer ‘lighter and easier to use’ apps, docs

Health and fitness apps and a web browser are some of the new features the new Womens Health Smartwatch will add to its existing lineup.

The company unveiled the watch in Los Angeles on Wednesday, along with the Womans Connect app that helps you track and manage your health with smarts like heart rate, temperature, activity and more.

Womann Connect also allows you to download new apps that support the new devices like the Heart Rhythm app, which tracks your heart rate and blood pressure, and the Heart Zone app, a fitness tracker that can measure your breathing, heart rate patterns and the amount of oxygen your body uses.

There’s also an updated version of the Fitbit fitness tracker, which is now compatible with the new wrist-worn fitness tracker.

“The Womains Connect app has a few new features to offer, including the ability to create a Womancu fitness track, which can be used to track a number of different fitness metrics, such as calories burned, minutes of running, and more,” the company wrote on its website.

The app will also have a built-in web browser, which allows users to access the data they want from the wrist-mounted display.

“For example, the Wommans Connect Health app will display an interactive heart rate chart with the ability for you to view the data directly from your wrist,” the statement reads.

The new Wombats smartwatch is the first Womani Health watch to offer a full suite of apps, including a Health app that tracks your health.

Users can download the Wombat app, an in-depth fitness tracker and a heart rate app to get more in-the-know about their health.

“Womann Health SmartWatch will provide a simple, light, easy-to-use, yet powerful tool that will allow you to track your heart, weight, and fitness,” the watch’s website reads.

Wombato says it plans to launch the new watch in early 2018.

“While this is a great time to get involved in health and fitness, we’ve also made a conscious effort to make sure the WombsConnect app is the right tool for you,” it said in a statement.

“We’ve taken a comprehensive look at what’s new in fitness, and we’ve made sure the app is easy to use and that it’s the best way to get started.”

The Wombatus Health Smart Watch will cost $299.99.

The Womany Health Smart Wearable, which includes the new smartwatch, will be available later this year.


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