Lepow: We’ll have a portable gaming monitor on our desk next year

Leopow, the maker of the Lepows Pro Gaming Monitor, is working on a new portable gaming-oriented monitor.

The company unveiled a prototype at CES 2017, and today we have the first look at the device, the LePow PDP-M500.

The PDP is the company’s first foray into the portable gaming market.

Leopow’s first prototype, the PDP, was designed for PC gamers.

It’s designed to support up to three monitors, and it can be powered by a single 120W AC adapter or two 120W DC adapters.

The Leopows PDP monitors feature an aluminum frame and are capable of gaming at 60Hz and 120Hz.

Leopowitz says that its goal is to make a product that can handle high-end gaming setups.

In terms of specs, Leopots is targeting a gaming performance of 2560 x 1440 pixels, or 1080p.

The display is designed for an 8-inch display and can be configured with a 24-inch screen as well.

The device can be connected to a display via HDMI 2.0, a standard for HDMI connections.

In its specs Leopos claims that the Leopowers PDP will be able to produce up to 40W of power.

It can be charged via USB, but it will be compatible with standard USB hubs like the USB Type-C.

The USB Type C connector also supports a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Leopower PDP can support up, 10, 20 and 30 Hz gaming.

For a more thorough rundown of specs and a video of the prototype, head over to Leopomow.com.


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