Why I’m Still the Same Way

With a new film about her life, a new career and the birth of a baby girl, actress Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be the same woman we know and love.

But now, Paltry and her longtime husband and producer Matt Damon are looking to put their two-year marriage to the test.

“This is going to be a really interesting marriage for us,” Paltrows mother, P.T. Barnum, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s a lot of things that we’re going to explore, a lot that we’ve been trying to figure out.

There’s a whole new way of life that we have in this new world.”

And it’s not all about the money, either.

“I’m a big fan of the art of the deal,” she says.

“In the end, you make a good deal and you get your money back.”

The New Life For Paltrower, her first film as Paltow, is set to debut at Sundance Film Festival this summer.

It follows the lives of a family in suburban Detroit after a car crash leaves them destitute.

“The film is a story of what happens when a family is put on a new life and all the different things that come with that,” says Paltower, 36.

“And there’s no question that Gwyn is going through a tough time.

But she’s still got her life ahead of her.”

Paltor’s film, based on her memoir, will also star Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver, Jessica Chastain and Jason Sudeikis, all of whom have played her onscreen or in her filmography.

Paltrights mother, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, is a co-director on the film with Paltrey, who will play a younger version of herself, in addition to her husband and mother.

“We really are trying to make it a film that she can be proud of,” says Koch.

“It’s a beautiful story, but there’s also something to be said about the power of storytelling.

We want Gwyn to feel that she’s living that story.”

PALTROWS MOTHER, PASCAL, SAYS A NEW LIFE is being produced by the Paltowers and their company, Pinnacle Entertainment.

PASCALS family was split when she was 17 years old, with her mother living with her father and the two daughters living with their father.

Pascals father was a car dealer, while her mother worked in a hair salon.

“When you’re in a situation where your father is dead and you’ve lost everything, you’re living with your mom, your stepmother,” Pascall says.

And as a result, Pascalls daughter, Gwyn, “is in a really rough place.”

“She’s still dealing with that trauma of being a little girl,” says her mother.

“‘I want to be your mom.’

And she just doesn’t have a mother.”

Pascrall’s sister, Lauren Pascower, who was born in 1979 and now lives in Los Angeles, adds: “She has a lot to live up to in this world.”

Gwyn and her mother had their first child, a daughter named Mia, in 1997.

Gwyn was 17 when she first married Damon, who is now 45.

“He was like, ‘Gwyn, I’m going to do this movie,’ and he was so nice and kind and he did it,” says Damon, 38.

“My mom was a very supportive and loving person, but she was very much a person who could be easily hurt.

She had a lot more problems with people that were not nice to her.

I think she really took the time to think through that, to be able to kind of say ‘No, I don’t want to do that.'”

PASCRAYS PONTRAYS son, Ben, is also set to star in the film.

PONTARES son, Adam, is an aspiring musician, who plays in a band called PONTROWS LANDING.

“That’s a big part of my life,” PONTRAYS son, Matthew, says of his father’s career.

“Gwyn is a really good father and a good mother.”

“You’re never going to know the true level of Gwyn’s struggles until she sees this film,” PASCORES son says of the film’s release.

“Because she has a new, fresh perspective on the situation, and that’s why I think it’s so exciting.”

THE NEW LIFE will be directed by Matt Damon, whose credits include Jurassic World and The Martian.

He will also produce with PASCREYS PALTROFFS family.

“You never really know what people will say about you,” says Gwyn.

“So it’s nice to see a movie that is going the opposite direction.”

PASCREEYS PASCARELLES daughter, Jessica, will play the younger version.