When is the next release of Slack going to be out?

Slack, the online collaboration platform that lets users talk about business, politics, music and more, is planning to release a version of the software in March 2018, according to a tweet from its CEO.

Slack currently has the software available for download on the desktop.

The company is planning a big release of the service for March 2018 with an all-new UI, and will offer a free trial of the feature at the end of the month, the company wrote in a post on Medium.

“Slack will be making a huge, global push towards its next release,” the post said.

“We have been working on the software since the end in 2018 and are currently planning to ship this release in March.

This means that we will release a major release in less than a month.”

Slack announced a similar release plan for 2017, but it hasn’t launched the feature for the desktop yet.

Slack, the social network that lets its users share and collaborate, is on a roll lately.

The company’s platform has more than 40 million users, and it’s now the most popular email app in the world, with more than 3 billion daily active users.

The company recently announced it was shutting down the social media app, as it focuses on building its core product and its services.

Slack announced the news in a blog post on Monday, writing:We will be shutting down Slack, a service that enables users to create, share, and collaborate on conversations across Slack, Slack, Teams, Teams Hub, and other services.

Slack says it will shut down Slack in March for maintenance, but will provide free upgrades for existing users.

The service will continue to function on the Slack Marketplace until March 30.


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