How to monitor your credit report from a smartphone

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to monitor the credit report on your smartphone.

We’ll also walk you step-by-step through the process of changing the name on your credit card and the steps that are needed to remove yourself from your credit score.

The steps are as follows: 1.

Check your credit scores and balances on your phone 2.

Change the name of your credit cards and the name associated with your credit accounts 3.

Remove your credit reports from credit monitoring services (credit score, credit report, and identity verification) 4.

Remove the credit reports associated with any of your identity or credit scores 5.

Remove credit report information for any of the identities and credit scores you use 6.

Remove all credit reports for all of your identities and personal accounts 7.

Delete all personal accounts 8.

Delete credit report and identity information for all personal and financial accounts 9.

Remove personal and credit report details for all identities and accounts 10.

Remove identity and credit reports information for personal and accounts 11.

Update your credit rating 12.

Close any credit reporting services you have access to 13.

Remove or temporarily disable your credit monitoring service or remove any information from your information 14.

Change your credit information in your personal account 15.

Remove any credit reports that you have not completed.


Delete your personal and social media accounts.


Change any of these passwords on your social media profiles 18.

Change passwords for any social media pages or any other accounts.


Change password for your email account and password for any other email accounts.


Change or temporarily remove the username of any account 21.

Remove account information from social media and remove any social network and any other social media websites.


Change social media passwords 23.

Change a password for a social media account 24.

Change login credentials for any online service or any website.


Remove login credentials from any online services or websites 26.

Change email password for an online service.


Remove email password from any website that allows you to access or request personal or financial information.


Delete any personal or credit report content you have accessed.


Change credit card information.


Remove a credit card from your personal or public credit card 31.

Remove card details from your account 32.

Remove and remove credit card number from any credit card 32A.

Delete a credit or debit card from any public or private credit or debenture account 33.

Delete or temporarily disconnect a credit/debenture account 34.

Remove an electronic account number from an electronic credit card or debit account 35.

Delete personal or personal credit card account information or credit or personal debit card information 36.

Delete identity or personal financial account information 37.

Remove information from any personal account 38.

Remove name or credit card details 39.

Remove phone number, email address, and contact information 40.

Remove address, address, contact, and phone number of any telephone number or email address 41.

Remove contact information 42.

Remove date of birth or gender identity from any information you have on any personal record.


Delete information about your social security number 44.

Remove social security or driver’s license information from personal records 45.

Delete contact information 46.

Remove vehicle information from contact information 47.

Remove payment card information from credit card transaction information 48.

Remove payments from credit cards or credit account information 49.

Delete online payment account information 50.

Delete bank account information 51.

Remove bank or credit bureau account information 52.

Remove debit card details 53.

Remove PayPal information 54.

Remove paypal account information 55.

Remove Paypal card details 56.

Remove Chase account information 57.

Remove Discover account information 58.

Remove American Express account information 59.

Remove Citi account information 60.

Remove VISA account information 61.

Remove MasterCard account information 62.

Remove Visa card details 63.

Remove Amex card details 64.

Remove Bank of America account information 65.

Remove HSBC account information 66.

Remove RBC account information 67.

Remove Barclays account information 68.

Remove Capital One account information 69.

Remove Lloyds account information 70.

Remove Santander account information 71.

Remove British Airways account information 72.

Remove Air Transat account information 73.

Remove Virgin Atlantic account information 74.

Remove Singapore Airlines account information 75.

Remove Emirates account information 76.

Remove Japan Airlines account data 77.

Remove Jet Airways account data 78.

Remove Alaska Airlines account details 79.

Remove Qatar Airways account details 80.

Remove Thai Airways account number 81.

Remove Chinese Airlines account number 82.

Remove Lufthansa account number 83.

Remove Japanese Airlines account name 84.

Remove Australian carrier name 85.

Remove Norwegian carrier name 86.

Remove French carrier name 87.

Remove German carrier name 88.

Remove United Arab Emirates carrier name 89.

Remove Malaysian carrier name 90.

Remove South African carrier name 91.

Remove Indonesian carrier name 92.

Remove Turkish carrier name 93.

Remove Israeli carrier name 94.

Remove Egyptian carrier name 95.

Remove Indian carrier name 96.

Remove Hong Kong carrier name 97.

Remove Vietnamese carrier name 98. Remove