How to handle a new earless, leather-clad monitor lizard

With a new breed of lizard emerging on the scene, NFL players are having to figure out how to handle the new beasties in their daily life.

We spoke with the head of a pet grooming business who says they are getting more and more calls from owners who are having problems with earless monitors.

According to the owner, these reptiles are very aggressive and are trying to take over your yard.

If you’re getting any kind of ear problems, just make sure you’re not in a place that’s close to a stream, lake or river.

It’s best to be safe and take them out in a way that’s not dangerous.

If you do get a lizard, make sure it’s properly fed, cleaned and vaccinated.

Keep it clean and out of direct sunlight.

This lizard needs to be in a cool, dark place with no distractions, especially if you’re doing it alone.

Don’t get caught between an ear and a lizard.

The ear is the first organ that develops in the animal and can be the cause of some problems in humans.

If the ear is not properly positioned in the reptile, the ear can be exposed to the heat, humidity and other environmental stresses.