How a 4K TV can be the best TV in your home

The next generation of TVs are finally here, and they’re coming from LG, Sony, Samsung and others.

The first 4K TVs to arrive in 2017 are the LG VIVE, LG PQ and Samsung NX5.

The VIVE has the most advanced picture quality, with HDR and a 5K HDR panel.

The PQ is also the most expensive TV, but it also comes with a 5k screen, and is the best option for those looking to spend more.

Samsung is also releasing a 4k TV with a 1080p panel, the NX5, but its specs aren’t as advanced as the LG and Sony models.

The Vizio S3 comes in the next two models.

The cheapest model is the LG C8, which is only available with a 720p panel.

It costs $349.99.

The Samsung NX8, on the other hand, costs $699.99 and offers the best picture quality for the money.

All of these TVs have HDR, which means they can deliver better color quality and contrast, thanks to advanced photo-processing.

HDR can be very powerful in some situations, especially when you have to work in low light, and it’s especially good for HDR gaming, which requires a lot of processing power.

HDR video also gives TVs a better picture quality than the standard 1080p resolution.

A 5K TV is the next step up from 4K, and will bring with it even better picture.

Samsung’s 5K TVs can have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, and LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio’s 4K models can have an overall refresh rate up to 120Hz.

The Vizio NX8 also offers an improved 4K picture quality with HDR.

In terms of color reproduction, the 5K version of TVs is going to be the most popular, thanks in large part to the HDR support.

The HDR TVs are going to give you the best possible picture quality out of the box.

HDR allows TVs to display more colors, which makes them easier to distinguish from a background of blacks and whites.

The next step in TVs is the HDR10 standard, which will allow TVs to show more colors.

This feature will also allow TVs that don’t support HDR to support it.

HDR10 will give you a smoother picture, with better contrast and better color accuracy.

HDR9 TVs are already starting to ship, but they’re not yet as good as HDR10.

The Sony VAIO P series is the newest model in this class, which includes the S8 and P9.

The S8 has a 4.7-inch 1080p display, while the P9 has a 5.1-inch 720p screen.

The display is 1080p at 30 frames per second, which would be the fastest we’ve seen in a 5-inch HDR TV.

This is a perfect time to get one of these, because they’re a great value at this price.

The LG P4 and P5 come in the 2018 models, with the P4 going for $1,299.99, and the P5 at $1.1,999.

These are the only HDR TVs that will come with HDR10 support, and you can expect better picture performance for the same price.LG and Sony are both expected to release HDR10 TVs in the first half of next year.

Samsung has not confirmed any dates for its next TVs yet.