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Engadgets title How to take your phone to the moon with a mount article Engadsat – The U.S. Navy has just launched its next generation of robotic reconnaissance drones, dubbed “Mcallen” and “Mann” respectively, with an ambitious goal of being able to detect underwater hazards before they happen.

The new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will launch in 2019, will be able to be piloted by Navy pilots and remotely controlled from an air base.

The drones will be fitted with cameras that will allow them to detect hazards in the water before they actually happen.

“They’ll be able detect a threat and respond before it actually happens,” Lt.


Ryan Cramer, the chief of the naval research division, told Engadgesat.

Mcallan will be the first new type of UAV in nearly 20 years to be built by the Navy, and it will be pilse by Navy crews who will operate the vehicles at sea.

The Mcallen fleet will be used for reconnaissance missions that are often performed by UAVs flown by Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force personnel.

“It’s really about putting a system together that is flexible and is ready to take off and operate in different scenarios and environments,” said Cramer.

The Navy will spend about $1.2 billion on the Mcallan fleet.

“The Mcallans have got a very sophisticated camera that can detect the ocean floor, and they’re able to see and get images of the ocean surface.

So we can make observations of the surface,” said Chris Grier, program manager for the Navy’s Ocean Surveillance Systems.

“The M Callans can also see beneath the water, and so that’s really where the real power of them is.”

Mcallans will be equipped with cameras designed to capture high-resolution images and high-definition video.

They will also be able fly autonomously, using GPS and other sensors.

The UAV will be built using 3D printed parts.

“We have a large number of U.


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