8K gaming monitor and dual monitor stand review

Updated March 14, 2018 1:20:10 This is a review of the new, 8K Gaming Monitor and Dual Monitor Stand.

As you can see from the image above, this monitor is a 4K gaming display with 8K resolution, and the stand has 4K capabilities.

It’s priced at $1,399, and while the screen is a very attractive piece of hardware, I found the display to be a bit too small to actually use as a regular monitor.

The dual monitor configuration is really the best of both worlds, since you can run two monitors on one desk and a single monitor on another desk.

This can also make a big difference in terms of productivity since you have the ability to view two separate screens at once.

You’ll also get a much more comfortable, and more usable, gaming experience with the additional monitor than with a single display.

It also has an additional built-in microphone, which is great, but there is a downside to the added functionality.

You can’t use it to capture sound from your own computer, but you can use it as a remote control, and you can connect the microphone to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

It can also connect to a sound card, which means you can record audio from your sound card and then listen to it with the included mic.

That makes the whole setup much easier, and I’ve used it for just that purpose a few times now.

You won’t find any USB ports, and if you’re using it for multiple monitors, you’ll have to purchase additional adapters for that.

The display itself is a 1080p panel, which, to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend using in conjunction with any other monitor, especially in a high-end setup like this.

This means that if you need to play games, you’re going to want to spend some extra money for a 1080P monitor.

The stand is also 1080P, which makes it difficult to use as an ideal stand.

However, it’s a great way to get a 1080 monitor out into the world without having to spend an arm and a leg.

You could use the stand for your laptop, and it’s just as good for gaming as it is for watching a movie.

The screen is bright and clear, and when using it with a Bluetooth headset or headphones, it is surprisingly comfortable.

You have a great monitor to use with your laptop if you want to play some games, and then the stand can also be used for gaming if you just want to use it for watching videos.

You also get the ability for you to run two displays on one screen, as well as an additional screen if you decide to move to a different monitor.

You won’t get the same performance out of the Dual Monitor as you get from a standard monitor, but it’s still better than having a 1080TV monitor and a 4kTV monitor on one computer.

It is very easy to connect to and use, and there’s no additional cost to install, and that’s the main selling point of this model.

This is also a great option for gamers who want to run multiple monitors on their computers and use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

The only thing I’d change is the price.

If you want a 1080 TV and a 3k monitor, I would go with a cheaper model that offers the same resolution and resolution options, but is a bit more expensive.

You’d get an additional monitor for $399, which works out to a little over $1/hr per monitor.

However, if you’d prefer to use this as a gaming monitor instead of a 4:3 monitor, you can get the model with a 4.3k monitor for just $399.

If you’re looking for a high end gaming monitor that’s not quite as good as a 1080T or a 4, you might want to go for a dual monitor setup instead.

It does offer better color accuracy, but the cost of a 1080 display is far higher than a 4 screen.

It also has a few drawbacks, such as the fact that it requires a separate HDMI cable to connect, and a $130 adapter.

You do get a great gaming monitor in this configuration, but if you prefer the 4k experience, I’d suggest a cheaper gaming monitor like the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q.

It might be a little more expensive, but its the better option.

You get a 4 display setup for $499.