When is Razer’s new 4K gaming monitor coming to the US?

Updated Sep 25, 2018 09:05:18A new 4k monitor from Razer is in the works for the US, and it’s about to hit the shelves.

The Razer Forge is the company’s latest gaming monitor and it looks to be an excellent option for gamers looking for a premium display at a great price point.

Razer is making a lot of noise about its latest 4k gaming monitor being the first 4k to hit shelves in the US.

The Forge has a whopping 144Hz refresh rate and can deliver 1080p gaming experience.

It’s the latest of Razer’s latest line of gaming monitors, and like the Forge, it has a 144Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz and 120Hz refresh rates.

Razer’s Forge also has a ton of other great features, including dual HDMI ports, an 8-bit audio chip, a USB Type-C port, an RGB backlight, a dual-zone light bar, a stand and a wide variety of accessories.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little different, you might want to check out the Razer Forge Gaming Monitor.

It’s a great monitor at a very good price.

The specs for the Razer Blade Pro 4K Gaming MonitorWe’re still waiting on the Razer Razer Blade 4K to arrive, but you can expect the Razer Blast 4K, Razer Blade S4 and the Razer Kraken 4K monitors to arrive soon.

The Blade Pro 3K gaming monitors are currently listed as shipping September 30.

The Blade Pro 1K gaming is still shipping, and Razer is looking to add a 4K monitor for the Blade Pro series as well.

The Forge is also coming in September.

Razer hasn’t revealed much about its new 4×4 display yet, but it looks like the company is making some major improvements to its display technology.

Razer says it will be the first consumer 4K display with 120Hz support.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information on Razer’s 4k display, which is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter.

It should be noted that Razer is also planning to launch a new 4-in-1 gaming monitor in the future.

We’re not sure when it might launch, but Razer has a lot riding on the Forge.

If Razer’s next gaming monitor is a big deal, we should hear more soon.

The Razer Forge comes with a ton to look forward to.