Microsoft Azure monitor provider has been suspended by the company

Microsoft Azure monitors the cloud, monitors its services, and even sends back data to Microsoft.

Now, the company has been informed that it has violated a security policy and will be suspended from all Azure monitoring services.

The breach came to light after a security researcher discovered that the company had been monitoring users’ IP addresses and had been sending them data back to Microsoft, which would then send the data to a Microsoft server.

According to the researcher, the data sent to Microsoft’s servers contained information on the IP addresses of those users, which were then forwarded to Microsoft for analysis.

Microsoft issued a statement on Friday stating that it had recently implemented an update to its Microsoft Azure monitoring policy.

“We are investigating and are working with the relevant authorities,” the statement said.

“The policy update was deployed in April 2018 and the updated policy applies to all customers.”

A Microsoft spokesperson told The Hindu that Microsoft has had the Azure monitoring service suspended since April 2018, when the policy was implemented.

Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment.

Microsoft’s Azure monitoring has come under fire recently for its ability to monitor users’ activity and IP addresses, but the company’s response is the latest example of how its monitoring service has been used for personal gain.

In April, Microsoft stopped the use of its Azure monitoring, which allows it to monitor and collect data from a wide range of services, including social media platforms, chat rooms, and email.

The company has also been caught monitoring users via its own Xbox Live and Skype services.

In May, Microsoft said it was banning its customers from using Xbox Live, Skype, and other online services that it said were used to access illegal content.

Microsoft is currently notifying customers that their Microsoft Azure services will be terminated.