Microsoft announces new gaming monitors

Microsoft announced today that it is introducing new gaming monitor series that will feature ultra-wide viewing angles, more comfortable cushions and new color schemes.

The company also announced a new set of “ultrawides” monitor models that will be available in a range of resolutions, with a 2560 x 1440 display.

The new monitors will include a 25″ and 35″ model that offer a 27″ x 1080 resolution and an 11″ x 6″ display.

The 34″ monitor is expected to be available later this year.

The “ultra-wide” monitor series will feature wider viewing angles and a higher screen refresh rate.

Microsoft said the new series will offer a higher refresh rate than the 27″ UltraWide UltraWide, which was the standard for a while.

The ultrawide series will be more comfortable, Microsoft said, with better cushions that are made of “woven fabric, a lightweight carbon fiber, and a custom-designed soft rubber” that the company claims “will provide additional support for gaming for gamers who are looking for the best gaming experience for their eyes.”

The new UltraWide series is expected for a wide range of screens.

Microsoft plans to sell them at various price points.