How to calibrate a baby monitor (2:00)

The second-generation Eufy Baby monitor is the first Eufia monitor to use a calibration app, which allows you to check and correct the monitor’s image before it is shipped.

The calibration process is as simple as a couple of clicks, and while you can do this from within the app, it requires that you download the calibration tool for the monitor and then calibrate it from there.

The app will take care of the basics like brightness and contrast, but it does not support contrast, brightness, color, or brightness levels.

That is not a big deal, but the app will not support the monitor in low light, which is probably why it is only available in Europe. 

You can check out the Eufies calibration app on the App Store, but here is the one I have on my phone: Eufy monitor calibration app.

It does not do anything yet. 

The second-gen Eufys monitor is currently priced at €349, but Amazon sells it for a bit more, with the price dropping to €279.

I am not sure why Eufias is getting such low prices, but I would definitely buy one if I had the option. 

There are several other monitors on Amazon that are available for under $200, so the price might be too high.

If you do not want to shell out for an Eufium monitor, you can always check out this list of monitors that cost less than $200. 

What do you think?

Do you think that Eufieries Eufiy monitor is worth the $280 or less?

Are you considering buying one?