Why I bought a 1080p monitor with 144Hz, but now I hate it

I’m not an audiophile.

I don’t love my $2,500 monitor with its high-definition, 144Hz refresh rate, and I’m certainly not a fan of the “4K” resolution it supports.

But there’s something really compelling about the 144Hz display on this Acer monitor: It has an incredibly high-resolution resolution.

The screen is 4K—meaning the pixels are stretched out to the full 144Hz.

It’s actually a bit taller than a standard 1080p display, which would be ideal for watching video or playing games, but not the sort of thing I use to watch movies on my phone or computer.

But if I was using this monitor to stream music to my laptop or computer, I’d need to use an external 4K-capable HDMI output to stream the music.

That means it’s going to be a huge leap forward in gaming, especially since the Acer monitor is also 1080p, meaning I could stream it to my phone, tablet, or PC without the need for a separate 4K cable.

There’s also the fact that this Acer display is actually a 1080i model, meaning you can use it with 4K TVs that have native resolution.

You can also use the Acer 144Hz monitor as a screen on a monitor stand.

And then there’s the fact it supports the full 1080p resolution, which is the highest-resolution possible for 4K content, even though the screen is only 144Hz at its highest.

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