What you need to know about the LG triple monitor gaming monitor

What you get when you buy a triple monitor setup: triple monitors, double monitors, triple monitors with stand, LG curved monitor.

The LG triple display is the most expensive triple monitor on the market, with its base price set at £8,995 ($13,999).

It has an edge in terms of specifications over its competition, with a whopping 12 inch screen (1440 x 900p) and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Its price has gone up from £8.99 to £898.99 (plus VAT), with a slightly cheaper LG curved screen priced at £9.99.

It has a 1080p screen and a 1,280×720 pixel resolution, and it’s the only triple monitor you’ll be able to buy at this price, with the rest of the industry having dropped their prices over the past few weeks.

It’s the first gaming monitor we’ve tested to hit £899, and the LG is a solid performer.

The triple monitor, when used in conjunction with the LG curved display, offers a good gaming experience.

The LG is able to offer a 60Hz refresh with no tearing, and this can lead to a smooth gaming experience even if you’re not a big gamer.

It does have a limited screen real estate, but this can be compensated with additional features like a high-end anti-glare coating and a high refresh rate monitor mode.

It also comes with an optical drive for up to 64GB of storage.

When it comes to gaming, it does not disappoint, with it delivering a smooth, fluid gaming experience and being able to support multiple monitors.

This is due to the LG’s dual-link DVI and HDMI ports, which can be used for external graphics cards, a USB 3.0 port and an audio port.

It has a 4K screen, and its resolution is 120Hz, which means it can be displayed on a 1440p display or at a 144hz refresh rate to achieve the best gaming experience possible.LG has been able to keep the LG G5 with the dual-monitor setup stable over the last few months, as we’ve seen LG bring out the G5s, G5p and G5e to support them, and have some new LG gaming monitors.

The dual-panel G5 was one of the first new LG products we tested, and while it had some issues we felt were fairly minor, we did like the overall look and feel of the LG double monitor.

This is not the only LG triple-monitor gaming setup to hit the market this year, however, as a new LG monitor is expected to hit store shelves in early November.

That monitor is the LG S6, and we’ll get to that soon.

We’ll also be reviewing this monitor in its own review.