Watch the best gaming monitors for $499.99

Monitor makers like Asus, LG, and Samsung are making gaming monitors at affordable prices, but they all have the same problem.

They’re too big.

That’s the conclusion of new research from, which looked at the monitor industry’s best-and-worst gaming monitors.

The goal of the study was to determine the most efficient way to make a gaming monitor, based on the number of pixels and resolution.

This year, Monitors is highlighting the best and worst gaming monitors based on what’s currently available.

We looked at a wide range of monitors for comparison.

The monitors were chosen based on a variety of factors, including their size, price, and the monitors ability to play games at high resolutions.

The first five monitors in the table are the best-performing gaming monitors we’ve reviewed so far.

The top five are the monitors we have the best reviews for.

Monitors also tested monitors from the likes of Dell, Acer, and Sony.

The final monitor in the list, the best monitor, is the Asus VG248QE, a gaming-ready monitor that’s available for only $499 (it also comes with a $150 Dell voucher for a free replacement monitor).

Here’s a look at all the monitors in this year’s best gaming monitor roundup.